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The Real Truth About High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure

The medical industry converts healthy people into patients so as to give a life sentence of drug dependency using the questionable diagnostic procedure.  One of them is Hypertension.

Before 1993 160/100
1993 onwards 140/90
New (Drug Industry) 120/80
Next step 115/75

As you go through the history of the diagnostic threshold of high blood pressure you can easily grasp the intention of the drug industry to convert each one of us into a patient. To know which should be considered the true value to diagnose high blood pressure you turn to Cochrane Collaboration – 2013 meta-analysis (unbiased and uninfluenced by drug industry)which concludes 160/100 mmHg be the target blood pressure above which drug therapy may be introduced. It is assumed that lower blood pressure means better health. However, the relation between blood pressure and health is not linear as clinically demonstrated by the Seven Country Study Research Group. In this study 12,031, men were followed up for 25 years to see the effect of blood pressure on mortality. The result is presented in the graph.


The above graph shows:

  • Serbia:- The mortality rate decreases with an increase in blood pressure and then increases with an increase in blood pressure.
  • Mediterranean Southern Europe:- The mortality rate increases with the increase in blood pressure and then decreases with the further increase in blood pressure.
  • Mortality rate increases uniformly with an increase in blood pressure.
  • The mortality rate of USA at 120 is the same as the mortality rate of Japan at 160 systolic blood pressure.
  • Inland Southern Europe:- The mortality rate remains lowest at the systolic blood pressure of 148.

The above disparity in different locations and the Cochrane -2013 meta-analysis conclusively points out that treatment with drugs at blood pressure as low as 120/80mmHg will do more harm than good. Further, it has been proved through various large-scale randomized trials that treating high blood pressure with drugs leads to Diabetes. Here the reverse is also true.

This means if you fall in either of the traps chances are within 3 years you will be in the other trap as well.