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The Real Cause Of Heart disease

heart disease

We have been told repeatedly that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. The new guideline advises that everyone over age 40 should consider taking statins regardless of whether they have a history of cardiovascular disease. This has expanded the universe of statins which benefits pharma companies. The villain here is cholesterol.

But by lowering cholesterol levels does heart disease disappear. In the Cochrane report 20ll, the authors reviewed data from 14 trials involving 34,272 patients. Outcomes in patients given statins were compared with outcomes in patients given placebo or usual care. Results suggested that there was not enough evidence to recommend the widespread use of statins in the primary prevention of heart disease.

Researchers have discovered that LDL or bad cholesterol can be distinguished into two categories based on their size i.e. small LDL and large LDL. The small LDL is damaging, because of their small size they penetrate into the endothelial wall of the arteries resulting in inflammation and arterial damage. This means that two patients with the same amount of LDL may not have the same risk of heart disease.

So basically, cholesterol is not the real cause of heart disease. The real cause is inflammation. Refined food, meat, trans fat cause this inflammation in the artery. This inflammation takes time to repair. But if you keep eating the same food which is causing inflammation then the repair work is not going to be completed. Deposition of plaque and cholesterol will take place over a period of time. Statins do not do anything to reduce or repair the inflammation. They also have a lot of side effects. But once a patient starts taking these drugs, he is hooked for life.

In fact, 75% of cholesterol is produced by the body. It is required for the production of hormones. Cell walls are made of cholesterol. Even the brain requires cholesterol. So instead of trying to put out the fire which is inflammation, we are trying to put off the smoke.

So when did all this start?

Ancel Keys was paid to study the relation between fat and heart disease. So he included some countries and purposely excluded some countries and came to the conclusion that fat and cholesterol was a threat. Then someone took the same data and came to the conclusion that sugar was the real villain. Also, lots of research papers show omega-3 fatty acids are good, but then there are papers suggesting the opposite.

To free yourself from the clutches of medicine you must follow the lifestyle recommended in “The China Study”. No matter how severe your health condition may be it can be reversed.

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