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The Power Of Creative Visualization


10,000 years ago visualization was a tool that cavemen in the region that is now France used for hunting. Every hunter focused on the prey they sought by painting the animals on the wall of their caves. By the light of the tribes fire, the images felt as if they actually move. They became so real in the caveman’s mind, they got fired up, and some of them actually threw spears at the drawings. The marks are there to be seen till today.

Doctors throughout the world believe that the body is directly linked to the mind. People with a worried state of mind usually develop ulcers. Tension affects the normal production of acid in them. Similarly there lies a close link between heart diseases and repressed anger.

If negative thoughts can have such a dramatic effect over your mind and body, imagine the power that positive thinking can have on you.

The power of visualization has helped a lot in treating cancer patients. One such form is through the “mind blowing” technique, where patients actually picture the cancer cells in their body. Then they go about destroying them.

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Now let is find out if you can visualize or how difficult the process of Visualisation is, by answering the following questions.

I can picture my favorite shirt

I can picture my bed

I can remember my favorite Movie Star

I can find my way home from Office

I can remember what I was doing last Monday

I can imagine what I will do tomorrow

I can remember an incident from childhood

I look forward to a splendid occasion

Even if you have marked one “Yes” then you can visualise.

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And if you can visualize, then you can as well rule over your mind. If you can make your mind work for you, then it is certain that you can get anything you want.

All through the Power of Creative Visualization.