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The Benefits of Healthy Food Recipes

healthy food recipes

In recent times, pills have started replacing food. There are pills for everything. Pills to control blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol and even sleep. Then, of course, there are other types of pills called nutritional supplements. Modern man has started consuming medicines as food. But the truth is, humans today are many times sicker than the humans of any era. All these diseases come under lifestyle diseases. It is the result of our faulty lifestyle. We all know that by correcting our lifestyle, we can prevent them. For that, we require healthy food recipes.

By changing our daily dietary habits we can lead a disease-free and healthy life. Let us look at the way these healthy food recipes work.

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Diabetes is not a disease, but the adaptation by the body after being overburdened with refined carbohydrates intake. Since it is not a disease, the condition can be normal in a few days. This may seem surprising, but it is true. The important step is to stop eating refined carbohydrates.


Let me ask you a question.

  1. High blood pressure leads to heart disease and stroke.
  2. Risk of stroke/heart disease leads to high blood pressure.

Which of these statements is true?

For many of us, ‘a’ seems to be the correct answer. If you see the logic behind ‘b’ then you will realize that like diabetes, high blood pressure is also an adaptation by the body, in response to an obstacle in the blood vessel. A hypertension patient can reverse his condition in a few days by following high Nitric Oxide producing diet even if the patient has been on hypertension medication for the last 10-15 years.


Everyone is afraid of cancer. Cancer is no deadlier than the common cold. Cancerous cells are routinely formed and eliminated from our body. It has been proven, which includes “The China Study”, that when Cancer patients are fed with oxygen-rich plant-based diet, it can result in the elimination of tumor from their bodies. Some patients of lung and blood cancer have recovered from advanced stage cancer in just 3 months. Food can work on our body as medicine and completely replace the need for medication. You must also understand the danger of so-called nutritional supplements and life-saving drugs.

That is the magic of healthy food recipes.

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