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Mirror Talk To maintain Perfect Health

mirror talk

Talking to the mirror is very good way of self talk. So what should we say during this mirror talk. We should look into our eyes and say affirmations. This should be said aloud. This is not as easy as it seems. You cannot look into your eyes and lie. There will be resistance. If something bad happens and you say to yourself in the mirror that it is okay and you still love yourself, it would seem nonsense and unbelievable. But slowly the resistance is reduced. We become less self critical and believable.

When faced with obstacle we become more self critical. The more you support and compliment yourself during challenges, you will have more enjoyable relationship with yourself. Also keep a journal to write your true feelings during mirror talk. Stand or sit in front of the mirror. Say out aloud “I want to learn to love you”. Take a deep breath. Ten say “I am learning to really love you”. You can even add your name to it. This will break the resistance slowly. You may feel silly, angry or frustrated in the beginning but you have to go on. You have to do this three times every day. You should feel that you are filled with love. Then this love starts overflowing from you and spreading around you.

The best time to do this in the morning when you wake up.

Day 1 : Loving yourself

Mirror talk is the best way to build relationship with self.

Initially do it in front of bathroom mirror and repeat the same whenever you see a mirror or pass a glass window.

You can also use a pocket mirror.

Write a journal noting down your true feelings during the mirror talk.

Look into the eyes and take a deep breath. Say “I want to like you.” Then take another deep breath and say “I am learning to love you.” The process has to be gradual or your mind will not believe you. Repeat with your name.

Notice the feelings. You may feel silly, stupid, angry or frustrated. You may want to cry which is all right. Write it down. Then after 6 hours check how you feel and write it down. Also write down before going to sleep at night.

During the day ask yourself if it has become easier to express those words. Is it becoming easier to believe what you are expressing.

If we keep repeating the words feelings will follow. Imagine your body is filled with love and it is overflowing fro your body. Love itself is a healing energy. Let this energy fill the whole room. Imagine the love going from you and coming back multiplied.

You will soon see a positive change in attitude towards yourself and also others. This change today will reap benefits in the long term.