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Transform Your Inner Voice From Negative To Positive

inner voice

Today we will see a simple and powerful technique to transform your inner voice. We are surrounded by people who give us negative thoughts. This may not necessarily be intentionally. Then there are people who irritate us.

So let us start. Make sure that you are not disturbed or distracted. Follow the exercise as I guide you though it. You can repeat this whenever you want. The more you do it the better results you get. So follow with me now. Here we will change the inner negative voice to your favourite cartoon character voice. Close your eyes and become aware of some bothersome voice in your head which troubles you. Just notice where it is, where it is located. There is no right or wrong place. Just feel where it is located. Now become aware of the loudness, tonality, intensity and emotion of the voice. Now move this voice from wherever it was to the little finger of your hand or toe. Change the location of the voice. Now notice how the voice sounds. Hear the same words and sentences. You will notice there is some change in the voice. Maybe there are changes in all aspects or in some aspects. Just be aware of it. Now time to make it funny. Add the voice of your favourite cartoon character to it. It may be Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck whichever is your choice. Imagine the voice is now changed. As you do this you will find the negative effect is gone. It is no more bothersome. While doing this you may start smiling and laughing which is quite alright. Now repeat this process one more time and you will feel good. Now imagine the voice is coming in the future and it goes to your little finger and becomes a voice of cartoon character.

This is a simple process which can be done anywhere and by anyone. By transforming your inner voice you are cleaning your mindset and freeing your mind from the negative garbage.