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The Simple Approach To Meditation



As someone new to the world of meditation, it may seem overwhelming. Images of monks and Hindu yogis sitting on mountaintops, deep in meditation may come to mind. You might think – I cannot do that.

Meditation is not about achievement. It is not about getting from one place to another. Meditation is not about perfection. It is not about emptying the mind and never faltering. Meditation is a never-ending process. It is not about reaching a destination. It is the journey. Even the masters of meditation are affected by the wandering mind. Meditation slows the mind and even trains it.

Through the process of detachment from your thoughts and becoming aware of the current moment, you teach your mind to relax. You train your mind to value the current moment, to worry less about the future, and to dwell less in the past.

So let us begin the process.

Find a comfortable place to sit or to lie down. Close your eyes and focus on the current state of your being. Instead of blocking things out, just be aware of them.

What sounds do you hear?
Are there other voices? Do you hear the hum of electronics and appliances?

Take a moment now to focus in on each of the sounds that you hear. Moving from one to another until you finally hear them all.

Now, as you listen to the sounds in the room, try to tune them out. Just as you found each one of them. Now tune them out one by one. As you bring attention away from the sounds, turn your focus on your body. Feel the position of your body – where your arms and legs are located; the position of your head and neck.

Starting from your toes bring your attention on each part of your body. Notice the tension, pain or any other feeling. Acknowledge the sensations on your skin as you move upward. Move upward slowly till you reach the top of your head.

That’s it.
You may have noticed thoughts popping into your mind as we moved through the relaxation part of this meditation. That is part of the process and will happen. What you need is practice. Also, there is a guided approach which can help you visualize and meditate much more easily.


Meditation is a lifelong journey and with time it becomes an integral part of your daily routine. It helps you in managing stress and emotional wellbeing. It keeps you relaxed in moments of frustration and anger. This is very helpful in leading a healthy life. Hence everyone including you must adopt this meditation in your life.