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High Insulin Levels Can Lead to Complication

high insulin levels

The human brain is programmed to keep the blood sugar levels in check. To achieve this, it will stimulate the pancreas to produce more Insulin. This also means high Insulin levels in the blood which will lead to various complications in the body. Some of these are,

All kinds of cancer

High Insulin levels in the blood promotes the production of IGF (Insulin like growth factor). This is a special chemical responsible for muscle and tissue growth. But unusually high amount of IGF causes abnormal growth of certain cells of the body. This is the first step towards development of tumors. For cancerous growth the cells need energy and that is provided by the excess sugar already circulating in the body. According to research published in the Lancet Oncology 2010, the women with high concentration of IGF in the blood had higher chances of cancer.

All kinds of inflammatory diseases

High Insulin levels in the blood cause various kinds of inflammation all over the body including vital organs. Which organ will succumb to the inflammation depends on various factors.

Hormonal diseases

Increased or decreases production of Insulin directly affects the production of other hormones. The connection of abnormal production of Insulin can be seen in the following disorders:

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Erectile dysfunction

Weight gain

High blood pressure


Obesity and mental disorders

Too much Insulin promotes fat storage and stops your body from breaking down fats. Indians are more prone to fat accumulation near the belly whereas Europeans are more likely to accumulate fat around the thighs and buttocks. Fat around the belly is called visceral fat and tends to clog the arteries resulting in heart diseases and mental disorders like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This is also referred to as Diabetes type 3. That is the reason why it is seen that once the patient is cured of Diabetes automatically he shows improvement in the symptoms of mental disorders.

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Multi organ failure

High Insulin levels leads to fat storage and inflammation which in-turn results in increase in the level of cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, thereby causing micro-blockages all over the inner lining of the arteries resulting in the risk of heart disease and even heart attacks. It also causes your kidney to retain more water and salt, which increases your blood pressure and kidney dysfunction.

Pancreatic cancer

In order to achieve the targeted homeostasis of blood glucose, the pancreas gets overburdened and exhausted resulting in Beta cells themselves becoming incapable of producing Insulin. This results in substantial damage to the pancreas, resulting in complications such as pancreatic cancer.


Here one must understand that despite of consuming high amount of refined carbohydrate the blood sugar level may be within the normal range. This does not necessary mean that a person is free from complications. The body is producing high Insulin levels to maintain the blood sugar level which will cause problems in the future.

By changing the diet to plant based foods these complications can be reversed.

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The Insulin Plant : Nature’s Gift For Diabetics

the insulin plant

the insulin plant

What is Diabetes

When we talk about diabetes we should understand the role of insulin in our body. When we eat food it is converted into sugar. This sugar is then transported to every part of the body by our blood. Insulin facilitates the absorption of sugar by the cells. Once the cells absorb the sugar the level of sugar in the blood becomes normal. In the case of diabetes type 1, the immune system attacks part of the pancreas so insulin is either not produced or the quantity is very less. In the case of diabetes type 2 insulin is produced but the cells develop insulin resistance and hence do not absorb the sugar. In both these cases, the sugar stays in the blood and this causes high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and needs lifestyle changes. Exercise and diet can help to manage diabetes naturally.

Nature’s gift for diabetics is Costus Igneus which belongs to the family Costaceae. It is known as the insulin plant in India. Consumption of its leaves is believed to lower blood glucose levels.  The leaves help to build up insulin by strengthening beta cells of Pancreas.

The insulin plant grows very fast and its thin leaves can grow up to six inches in length. It has been used to treat diabetes for centuries. It is also used to treat snake bites, gallbladder stones and also myoma.

How to use the Insulin plant

The best way to make use of the insulin plant is to prepare its tea. In order to prepare the tea, you need to take one liter of water in a pan and boil it. Then add ten leaves of the plant to it. Keep this overnight. Next morning filter the tea through a strainer. Store this tea in the refrigerator. Drink one glass every day 30 minutes before breakfast.

This is a powerful natural remedy to treat diabetes.

Experts say that this tea can improve your overall health and help in managing various health problems.


Diabetes is a lifestyle problem. It is best to take care of it naturally. Diet and exercise can help in managing diabetes.

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