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Gratitude Motivates Individuals To Make Healthy Food Choices


Gratitude is now becoming an important aspect of psychology, and especially positive psychology research. Gratitude is not just an action of saying “thank you”, it is a positive emotion. It is a deeper appreciation which generates longer lasting positivity. We affirm to ourselves that all in all, life is good and worth living.

According to study published in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Gratitude facilitates healthy eating behavior.

Recently research has experimentally investigated the capacity of gratitude to motivate individuals to make healthy food choices. In Study 1, undergraduate students (N = 327) attempting to achieve a healthy eating goal, state gratitude following a writing activity significantly predicted healthier eating behavior after one week. In Study 2, across a 4-week intervention, 9th and 10th grade students from four high schools were randomly assigned to either write weekly gratitude letters or to list their daily activities each week (control). Teens who expressed gratitude reported healthier eating behavior over time, relative to controls, and this effect was partially mediated by reductions in average negative affect across the intervention period.

We already know negative emotions like stress, boredom, sadness can drive us to chocolate, ice cream and junk food. Researchers of the study explain, “The effect of gratitude on healthy eating, though small, is particularly striking when considering that small changes in diet among youth may aggregate across an individual’s lifespan.”

Regular practice of gratitude can bring about positive and cumulative changes to your eating behaviors that will benefit your health for years to come. It will also create a personality that is more positive towards life. It promotes stronger immunity, regulates blood pressure, and better sleep, just to name a few things. Healthier eating is now an addition to the list.

As it turns out gratitude may well be one of the fundamental pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

But gratitude is not just limited to healthy eating. Gratitude is very powerful but we rarely recognize it. It can be used to manifest what you want. Our thoughts are very powerful. We have approximately 60000 to 64000 thoughts everyday. There is constant chatter in our mind. If we reduce these thoughts and focus on one thought only that will become reality. When we meditate regularly we go into a thoughtless state. When we come out of it the first thought that enter our mind becomes a reality.

Everyone knows meditation helps in increasing focus. It is also common knowledge that this focus can be used for manifestation. The objective of meditation is to manifesting something. But what actually do we do?

We set a target to meditate for 15-20 minutes. We find it impossible to focus and we keep trying. This process becomes exhausting.

Let us take another view. Someone really keeps on trying and reaches that thoughtless state. After they come out of it they ask for something. God says “tathastu” or “so be it”. So basically they keep on asking and never get it. This is the same thing that we do when we go to temples. We keep on asking and god says you want to keep on asking. We are constantly thinking about loans, money, salary and month end. But we never thank anyone for what we have.

So what is the right way. Here is how gratitude works. There is no need to meditate for 30 minutes. The thoughtless state can be only for 30 seconds which is enough. When we come out of it be thankful that you have received what you wanted. Be thankful and god will say so be it. You will keep on receiving what you want.

Our thoughts are very powerful. If you can control your thoughts you can control your life.