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Sona Moti The Wheat grain With Folic Acid

wheat grain

On 18 March 2019, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of The Art of Living launched ‘Sona Moti’ a natural wheat grain variety that is highly nutritional with 3 times more folic acid than any other grain. It has nearly 267% more minerals and 40% more protein than any other wheat variety.

The name was given by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar after its almost round shape and golden hue.

Gurudev shared, “When I came to Punjab many years ago a local farmer showed me seed of local variety of wheat, which Sri Sri Institute of  Agricultural sciences got it tested in laboratory and found out that the Folic acid content is 12% higher than any other grain. Folic acid is important to for a healthy body. Many type of diseases like heart attack, blood pressure is caused by lack of folic acid. This wheat variety can solve many such issues and the grain that goes out of Punjab will spread health all around.”

This wheat grain variety has low glycemic index and less gluten which is very healthy for those consumers with life style diseases such as diabetes.

It was discovered that there was a variety of wheat grain that is 2,000 years old at least. This is an Emer wheat which belongs to the species triticum dai kokum and has been grown for centuries in India but in the recent past it has almost become extinct because of the rampant use of the hybrids.

This wonderful variety looks very different from the other wheat because it is round in shape almost like a pearl.

This is the only wheat which has folic acid. There is no wheat variety in the world which has folic acid. Scientists have been trying to put folic acid in wheat but never succeeded. The bread industry actually puts folic acid artificially or mixes multi grains in the bread.

Also more remarkable is its mineral content which is two hundred and forty one percent higher than the other wheat that is grown today. The protein and fat content are also 40% higher.

So we can conclude that growing this variety of wheat grain is the best way forward.

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