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The White Truth of Dairy Products


Humans are the only species of animals that drink the milk of other animals. Humans are also the only species that drink milk their whole life. No animal does that throughout their whole life. Lions attack and kill cows but they do not drink their milk. Milk should not be consumed lifelong. The truth about milk and dairy products is quite different from the propaganda of the dairy industry.

We constantly hear that cow’s milk is nutritious. Yes, but it is nutritious for the calves and not for children of human beings. It is also said that drinking cow’s milk spurts growth in children. That is so because cow’s milk contains growth hormone six times greater than human milk. Anything that increases growth is not necessarily good for health. Take the example of tumors which grow very fast.

Why do we want to drink milk? The common answer that is given by educated people is calcium. The next question is why do we need calcium. The answer is for our bones. This is an advertising campaign running for so long that you can’t find someone who has not been touched by it. It is just another product that is manufactured and marketed as other products.

Let us consider animals like a donkey, horse or elephant. They do not drink milk but have strong bones. They get their calcium from fruits and vegetables.

Some significant research work that establishes the link between dairy products and Diabetes type 1,

YearPlacePublished in/by
1992FinlandNew England journal of Medicine
1994USAAmerican Academy of Pediatrics
1999FinlandDiabetes Journal
2005ChinaThe China Study

The above studies concluded the following,

  1. The chemical structure of milk is so designed that it is suitable to be consumed by the infants. If you observe the behaviour of animals you will find that no  animal consumes milk lifelong.
  2. The chemical structure of the milk of each of the mammal is designed differently and hence drinking milk of ther species may not be biologicaly correct.
  3. Cow’s milk is made of specific protein called casein. According to a study published in, “The China Study”, the protein casein is not good for human consumption. Our immunity confuses between the protein fragment of milk and beta cells of the body. This results in our immunity attacking the beta cells of our body leading to an autoimmune disease especially Diabetes type 1.

Milk comes from pregnant and lactating animals. It contains a high amount of estrogen. High levels of estrogen are related to breast cancer in women. In the case of men, this can cause prostate cancer. The risk of developing prostate cancer is higher than the risk of a smoker developing lung cancer.

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The dairy industry wants us to believe that we cannot live without milk. They want us to believe that without dairy products our bones will become fragile. Finland, Denmark, and Sweden consume the highest amount of dairy products. These countries also have the most number of people with osteoporosis. The dairy industry through advertising campaigns has made milk a part of our lifestyle.

It is difficult to find anyone that has not been touched by these advertising campaigns. But in the end, it is just another product marketed by the industry. The dairy industry controls the cost of manufacturing the product so that it is not expensive. Then they convince everyone that it is essential for their well being. They keep driving this message until it gets fixed in your mind.

Stop consuming dairy products for the next 15 days and see the difference in your health.

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