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Consuming Plant Based Foods Protects Your Body

plant based foods

Eating plant based foods in their natural state can not only help you to overcome from Diabetes but also protect your body from heart attack and brain stroke.

Let us take the example of the spare wheel that is kept in a car. If any one of the four wheels gets punctured it can be replaced with the spare wheel. Similarly, there are thousands of microscopic unused arteries all over the body especially in the heart, so that in occasion of any blockage in the arteries, these emergency arteries can be used by the body to protect itself from brain stroke or heart attack. This process is called as “Natural Bypass”, a noble-prize winning science of 1998.

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Many people still suffer from heart attack/ brain stroke in spite of this fantastic system. Here it is important to understand that just having a spare wheel is not enough; tools to replace the wheel are required. Similarly, to open the emergency arteries at the time of need, the body requires a tool. It is a chemical called Nitric Oxide. When it is in abundance in the body the emergency arteries can come to the rescue. The only way to enhance the production of Nitric Oxide is by eating more than 50% of your diet as plant based foods in their natural state.

Plant based foods in their natural state can include fruits, nuts and raw vegetables that are easily available. These are also good for providing nutrition to your body. Your complete carbohydrate intake will be plant-based and in raw form. This helps the hormone Incretin to control the flow of food in the blood stream, so as to avoid disturbance of blood sugar, blood pressure and other factors. Hence, they can contribute to reverse the condition of Diabetes and heart disease.

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Carbohydrates from plant based foods not only reduce the risk of diseases but can also reverse the conditions of illness.