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The Benefits Of Visualisation


Visualisation means giving or creating a mental image of anything. One can visualise anything depending upon one’s ability to think and explore without any limitation. Since our memory understands the language of art, image, color and music, visualization helps a lot in registering any information in our memory.

So we can say that visualization is the technique of using the power of imagination purposefully to focus on a particular topic.

Visualised experience and real experience have the same effect on our mind. As our subconscious mind or our memory cannot differentiate between what is real and what we believe is real. It only receives and registers the impressions of images that are visualised by us and acts or reacts with these images in the same way as it does in real life.

While visualisation, our simple thought gets developed with the power of emotion which further leads to easy registration in our memory bank. If one concentrates on confidence, courage and power, one’s memory bank will reflect the same. Whatever be one’s mental picture of attention or concentration one’s subconscious mind will bring it to happen as per the law of concentration.

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Visualization forces us to concentrate or to pay attention towards any information which we try to learn. Apart from this, visualization provides following benefits:

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It develops concentration power.

It develops a positive personality.

It improves our long term memory power.

It plays a great role in stress management enabling one to lead a tension free life.

It develops self confidence.

It helps us to learn with fun.

It helps us to develop creativity.

It helps students to prepare for examination.

It creates a superior vision.

It provides energy to remove boredom and laziness in life.

It makes our life interesting and optimistic.


Visualisation can be used to get desired outcomes in all aspects of our life.

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