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The 3 Major Learning Styles

learning styles

Children learn through different modes. Some learn through images while others learn through sound. Part of good parenting is to understand the learning style of your children. Not knowing your child’s learning style can make them lag behind in their studies.

Visual learning style

These types of learners use pictures and images for learning. Rote or learning by repetition does not work for them. They will look upward to the right or left while recalling. Parents sometimes do not understand this and scold the child for looking up at the ceiling. These children are fast talkers and one must talk slightly with high volume to grab their attention. Always tell them to see images while instructing them.

Aural or auditory learning style

These type of learners will listen to sound and tonality. They will repeat everything they hear. They will look down to the left while recalling. While engaging with them one should talk to them in normal volume followed by pauses so that they can repeat it internally. Talking fast may make it difficult for them to follow and understand.

Physical or Kinesthetic learning style

These children are generally mistaken and labelled as slow learners which is not the right perspective. They will use feelings to learn. They will look down to the right while recalling. They will talk with low volume and intermittent pauses. They will also touch themselves while talking. One must be careful while engaging with them. They can get frightened when spoken in high volume. While engaging with them one should keep the volume of voice low and give them enough time. Fast talking will make it difficult for them to understand. This could cause problems in their learning.

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Knowing the learning styles and recognizing the one that your child follows can really be helpful for both parents and children.