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Do You Have Depression or Are you Depressed?


Many people suffer from depression nowadays. This is a state of the mind so medicines are really not the way forward.

If you have depression or know someone dealing with it then you have to ask this question.

Do You have depression or are you depressed? The question seems silly because both the statements mean the same. So then it is okay to assume that you have depression. Here you have to understand that at different points of time we have things. Also at different points of time we don’t have those things. People don’t have a car, then they have a car and then again they don’t have it. But you don’t become a car. It is just something you have or you don’t. Nothing is permanent. Similarly earlier you didn’t have depression, now you have depression, tomorrow you may not have depression. This is called a clear concept. You can’t become that thing. Well, write it down on a paper “I have depression.” Now notice how relaxed you feel.

Now we also became aware that you have depression now and earlier you didn’t have it. So then write down “I have depression for some time only.” Put your signature below it. So now we are clear that you have depression for some time only. So basically rest of the time you are okay. So then write down “ I have depression for some time only and rest of the time I am okay.” Again place your signature below it. So basically you are an okay person having depression some times. So write down “ I am an okay person having depression some times.” Again place your signature below it.

Now when you have depression what happens to your body, how it feels. So you may have drooped shoulders, sad face, eyes downwards, shallow breathing etc. Now change that and sit straight, look straight with a smile on your face and breathe slowly from your belly. Now notice how comfortable you feel.

Now close your eyes and remember a time when you were feeling happy, joyful. Feel that emotion, see the sights, hear the sounds. Visualize it in bright lights and vivid colors. When you are ready you can open your eyes feeling relaxed, comfortable.

Here you must understand that words are very powerful. When you say “I am” be very sure what you want to add after it. Whatever you say after that sincerely believing it to be so, the subconscious mind will make it a reality. Remember, your subconscious is very powerful.You start owning it. So say positive things after I am.

The Power Of Creative Visualization

Self concept is very important. We cannot make things our identity. The concept creates our belief system. This influences our thinking pattern. When we use positive words it impacts our self concept and our self image. The right communication will give us the results we want.

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How Do You Stop Negative Thinking (Very Easy)

negative thinking

We all have negative thoughts and want to avoid them. Worries are born out of these thought patterns. This later develops into anxiety. So how do we stop negative thinking.

We lose our sleep or start having palpitations of the heart. These are the physical manifestations of our negative thinking. If this is not managed then it leads to panic attacks. Life seems to go out of control. So then we land into depression as we feel helpless. We started with having negative thoughts and see where we ended up. Due to the constant release of the stress hormone cortisol we are in confusion and unable to think straight. This is a vicious cycle.

We struggle with negative thinking because we have no idea where they are coming from. You get this question from people all the time. Here we have to understand that there is a positive intention of the mind behind this negative thinking. The mind is drawing your attention towards something to resolve it. The intention of the subconscious mind is to give you what you want and keep you away from threats. This negative thought is perceived as a threat. If you are getting negative thoughts about doing something new then the mind wants you to take necessary measures before doing it. If you take some satisfactory measures or go over the plan one more time the issue is resolved. Now this seems to be a good thing. So where does it go all wrong.

Everything that the mind perceives as a threat and produces negative thoughts related to it may not be the truth. It may be baseless. But the thoughts will not stop until they are resolved. So what can we do if that is the case. In your house you will have empty bottle, jar or maybe a box.. Label it as negative thoughts. Now you have a negative thought. You have no idea why it is coming. No problem, just write it down. Don’t miss anything out. Then put it in the jar. Then think of a positive thought. Another thought comes. You do the same thing. After a week open the jar and read all that you have written. You will find interestingly that most thoughts went away. This is because you have addressed the issue.

If you see a stranger in your neighbourhood that seems like a danger you will warn the people. That is the appropriate step. Similarly you have taken the appropriate step. When you try to stop these negative thoughts forcefully, the mind thinks it is failing to draw your attention to it. Then it really presses the accelerator. But once you have taken note of it and taken action the mind is satisfied. Slowly and steadily you will experience a decease in negative thinking.

The Power Of Creative Visualization

Here you have to differentiate between negative thoughts that bring attention to something that is really important and must be looked at or it is baseless.

If the problem arises in the mind then the solution is in the mind.

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The Amazing Benefits of Guided Meditation

guided meditation

Meditation is becoming a more popular way to beat stress, improve focus and enhance the quality of life. Meditation has a lot of positive effects. But many people get frustrated and do not know where to begin. Here guided meditation can play an important role.

So let us look at some of the benefits of guided meditation,

Guided meditation is easy and does not require you to do anything. In this meditation, the guide will walk you through the whole process. This is excellent for beginners.

Guided meditation also harnesses the power of visualization. This is important to create positive changes fast. Creative Visualization is used for self-improvement in all walks of life. In guided meditation, you achieve a deep state of relaxation that the images you visualize become very vivid. Positive suggestions in such a state give immediate benefits. You will feel better physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Everybody has a different goal, and guided meditations can be tailored to achieve specific outcomes. Guided meditation with a specific goal will include positive visualization and suggestions. This is very difficult in case of unguided meditation.

Guided meditation is very effective in personal transformation. It can be used to release the power of the subconscious mind. It has a positive effect on cognitive abilities, helps you focus more, improves concentration and memory power.

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It improves mental wellbeing and manages depression and anxiety.

It improves creativity and right brain thinking.

Improves physical health by slowing down your heart rate.

Creates new connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

It helps in managing anger issues.

Strengthens mindfulness which results in kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.


Studies show that 90% of people who are committed to meditation daily feel changes in their lives in a matter of weeks.

Hence guided meditation is the way forward.

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