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Sources of Carbohydrate Influences their behaviour

sources of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the most important source of energy found in every food we eat. However all the carbohydrates are not the same. Here the difference is in the sources of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates from different sources dissolves in blood differently. The sugar from cold drinks or other beverages and refined foods shoots into the blood. However the sugar from fruits and raw vegetables, drops into the blood.

How the body absorbs Carbohydrates

1. Sugar, soft drink                   ——————->    Shoot in the blood

2. Carbohydrate from bread  ——————->    Flow into the blood

3. Fruits                                      ——————->    Drip into the blood

4. Vegetables                             ——————->     Seep into the blood


Foods are ranked on the basis of its carbohydrate action with the blood. This is called Glycemic index or Glycemic load. But that does not work in the case of packaged juices. Imagine two people with same body parameters, age and blood sugar levels. One person will drink a glass of packaged juice which contains 8 times more sugar in refined form. The sugar will shoot into the blood irrespective of the amount of sugar already present in the blood. Such sugar is not friendly to our body. The other person consumes a glass of freshly squeezed juice. The sugar in this form is highly disciplined. The sugar will drop by drop enter the blood stream.

According to study published in the journal of American Medical Association (2002), carbohydrates from baked potatoes, yield greater Glycemic load than the carbohydrates from boiled/raw potatoes.

Study published in Diabetes care (journal) – 2008 states that the Glycemic index of fresh raw fruits and vegetables are much lower than processed food made from the same fruits or vegetables.

What matters is the sources of carbohydrates i.e. whether they are from plant origin or animal origin. Also it matters whether the carbohydrates you are consuming are in their natural state.


The blood sugar control of the body does not depend much on the amount of sugar or carbohydrates you have consumed, rather it is more dependent on the sources of carbohydrates.

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