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How To Remove Hesitation And Be Bold


As children we are taught to be perfect. Commiting mistakes are frowned upon and judgements are passed over our mistakes. The child that commits more mistakes is often considered dumb. So from an early age we are taught to think of mistakes as dangerous It is a part of our social conditioning and what happens this causes discomfort as it is not alright to commit a mistake. What we easily forget that mistakes are part of the learning process and should be seen as that. The first time a child tries to walk may not be a successful attempt but the child would be encouraged. Our nervous system protects us from dangerous situations and equates it with situations that cause discomfort. What we must understand is that making mistakes is an extremely important part of improvement and if you want to be skilled at anything you have to give yourself the chance to fail. A problem many people face when they want to do something is hesitation. They have self doubt and then they do not even attempt to explore new things. Later on they also feel regret. To remove hesitation and become bold there is a simple exercise that you can do. It can be done anywhere and anytime. This exercise will help you let go of all the unnecessary hesitation that holds you back from doing your best. Go to any commercial space like a shopping mall outside of the area you live. Ask for something completely absurd which you are sure you will never use. Find out all the details about that product. Keep a straight face when you request it and be polite. Repeat this process at least twice every week. Notice the change in your responses in situations where you might have hesitated in the past. It is really that simple hesitation which is one of the greatest barriers to learning and with this technique you can simply remove unwanted hesitation in any part of your life and become bold enough to live a life without any regrets. Life is a journey of experiences and the more experiences you have the more colorful your life will be.

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